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Derek Twigg, MP for Halton

Working Hard for Widnes, Runcorn & Hale

Derek speaks out for Halton's pensioners in vote against Government's 'granny tax'

23 Apr 2012

Last Thursday in Parliament, Derek voiced objections raised with him by local constituents to the Tory-led Government's controversial 'granny tax', as Labour forced a vote in the House of Commons on the Budget's raid on Britain's pensioners.

Unfortunately, thanks to Conservative and Lib Dem MPs, the amendment was defeated.

Derek joined his fellow Labour MPs in voting against measures announced in last month's Budget which will see, from next April, pensioners who pay income tax losing an average £83 a year, and those soon to turn 65 losing up to £323, while 14,000 people earning over £1 million receive a tax cut.

In response to concerns from constituents who have raised this issue with him, Derek said:

"I notice that we have not heard much about fairness or about the big tax cuts being given to millionaires in the interventions by Government members.  Is it not true those retiring next year with personal or occupational pensions of as low as £67 a week could be affected by the change to age-related allowance? The Government are attacking a group of pensioners with modest incomes, which will be a particularly devastating blow in the most deprived areas of Halton."

Following the Commons vote, Derek added:

"It simply can't be right that while putting up taxes for pensioners, David Cameron is giving millionaires a tax cut - as with so many of their other policies, his Government has once again failed to pass the basic test of fairness with these latest measures that will add insult to injury for current and future pensioners struggling to make ends meet.

These are tough times, and the Government should be doing all it can. But David Cameron and the Tories are out of touch, making things harder not easier.  Labour would stop David Cameron's unfair raid on pensioners, and block his £40,000 tax cut for millionaires.

The message is clear - only Labour will stand up for pensioners and working people in Halton."

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