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Derek Twigg, MP for Halton

Working Hard for Widnes, Runcorn & Hale

Derek Twigg MP becomes a School Sport Champion!

21 Jan 2015
Derek Twigg MP has shown their support for high quality for PE and sport in schools in Halton by pledging to become a ‘School Sport Champion’. Derek Twigg MP attended the parliamentary launch of the Youth Sport Trust “Unlocking Potential” Manifesto which is calling on the next Government to ensure every child has access to high quality PE and sport opportunities at school. PE and school sport provides numerous benefits for young people as it improves physical and mental health, builds resilience, creates active habits for life and boosts academic achievement. Yet with only 21% of boys and 16% of girls currently doing the amount of physical activity they need to stay healthy, that too many children are living inactive lifestyles, damaging both their health and their ability to succeed. “Unlocking Potential: A Manifesto for PE and School Sport” argues that, by prioritising PE and school sport at the next election, the next government has a critical opportunity, not only to improve our nations’ health, but to boost our education and sporting prospects too. Derek Twigg MP said: “I was pleased to attend this event with Jamie Jardine, the Headteacher at The Heath School. I really do believe in the power of PE and school sport. The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic showed that we are a nation of sports lovers and that sport is in our DNA. PE and school sport are also a vital tool for helping us combat the growing crisis of inactivity as they help young people stay fit and healthy. As a champion for PE and school sport, I will continue to promote its benefits both here in Parliament and with headteachers and young people in Halton.” Jason Gardener, Olympic gold medallist and Youth Sport Trust Ambassador, said: “It is great to have Derek Twigg MP on our team as a champion for PE and school sport. I am really passionate about seeing young people lead healthy and happy lives and that is why I believe in the power of PE and school sport. Not only does it keep young people fit, health and active, it also boosts their academic achievement so the more people we have out there talking about PE and school sport, the better.” To read the Youth Sport Trust manifesto, visit
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Derek Twigg with Jamie Jardine

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