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Derek Twigg, MP for Halton

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Derek Twigg MP pledges to tackle prostate cancer inequalities in Halton

24 Jun 2014

Derek Twigg MP has pledged to support Prostate Cancer UK in its drive to eradicate the injustices faced by men with and at risk of prostate cancer in Halton
Prostate Cancer UK has launched a report outlining five key injustices faced by men with or at risk of prostate cancer. The charity is calling on the government to take prostate cancer seriously by tackling the inequalities around awareness, age and ethnicity, and ensuring that all men gain access to the best possible treatments and information, regardless of where they live.
Derek Twigg met men living with and beyond prostate cancer at a campaigning event held at Westminster this week to discuss the issues in more depth and to show his support for the charity’s calls.
Derek said: “Prostate cancer kills one man every hour but men and their families continue to face an uphill struggle on a number of fronts, from awareness of risk, through to gaining access to vital support, information, or world class treatments.  Together with Prostate Cancer UK I want to ensure that all men in Halton are armed with the knowledge of their risk of prostate cancer, and that those living with it have everything they need to tackle the disease head on and have quality time with loved ones.”
The report – ‘Men United v Prostate Cancer, Five inequalities, five solutions’ – comes as part of the second wave of the charity’s Men United campaign which has built an urgency around prostate cancer and has seen nearly 200,000 people sign  up to join the fight against the disease since January 2014.
Dr Sarah Cant, Director of Policy and Strategy at Prostate Cancer UK, said; “For too long men with or at risk of prostate cancer have been dealt a series of unjust deals. Four in five men at higher risk of the disease don't know it - meaning that they could miss out on being diagnosed at an early stage when the disease is most treatable.  And for those men living with prostate cancer, the quality of care that they receive is still all too often dictated by their post code. Throw into the mix further inequalities surrounding access to treatments and information, and it’s clear that men with prostate cancer are not getting all the support that they vitally need.
“This isn’t good enough and men deserve much better.  Since the launch of our Men United campaign we have seen huge public will to work together as a force for change.  We’re delighted that Derek Twigg has pledged to play a role in abolishing these inequalities by helping to tackle the injustices that men and their families are facing in Halton”.
For more information on the injustices faced by men living with or at risk of prostate cancer go to:  


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Derek meeting with prostate cancer volunteer Roger Hones

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