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Derek Twigg, MP for Halton

Working Hard for Widnes, Runcorn & Hale

Hale says NO to Boundary Commission proposals

01 Nov 2011

Derek, together with Hale Village Ward Councillor Mike Wharton, the Chair of Hale Parish Council Alison Jones and Vice-Chair Evelyn Hudson,have joined together in opposition to the Boundary Commission's proposals published in September.  The plans put Hale Village and Ditton in a new constituency called Mersey Banks, which would also comprise wards from Wirral and Cheshire West & Chester.

Hale Councillor Mike Wharton has blasted the proposals as being completely absurd. He said:

"These proposals if accepted would mean residents having to make an hour long round trip by car, or a 3 hour bus journey to see their MP.  The Boundary Commission are playing games with numbers and the proposals completely ignore all the community links we have built up over many years. 

It is essential that as many residents and groups lodge their objections to these proposals.  We are delivering a newsletter to every house in the Village explaining the proposals and are asking residents to sign a letter objecting to the plans and join in the campaign to 'keep Hale in Halton'.

The Chair of Hale Parish Council, Alison Jones, commented;

"As part of the existing Halton constituency, Hale is represented by an MP who  knows the Village and who holds regular surgeries where any resident may discuss issues with him.  As part of the proposed Mersey Banks constituency, Hale would be a very tiny part of a very large constituency, the vast majority of which would lie on the south bank of the river.  It is very unlikely that the MP for such a constituency would know the Village, let alone visit it.  For these reasons, Hale Parish Council is very strongly opposed to the proposed boundary changes."

Derek has already voiced his opposition to the proposals at the public meeting held in Chester recently. He said;

"Many constituents are telling me they do not support the Boundary Commission's proposals to move the Hale and Ditton wards out of a Halton constituency.  It totally goes against the Commission's own guidance, notably the need to take into account of community links and geographical, including borough, boundaries.  I want to see Hale and Ditton continue to be part of a Halton constituency where they belong."

Hale Post Office has agreed to be a collection point for letters objecting to the proposals and residents are asked to deposit them by November 22nd, from when they will be sent in bulk to the Boundary Commission."

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Derek with Hale Village Ward Councillor Mike Wharton, and Hale Parish Council Chair Alison Jones and Vice-Chair Evelyn Hudson.

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