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Derek Twigg, MP for Halton

Working Hard for Widnes, Runcorn & Hale

The Coalition Government has no plan for jobs or growth in Halton

22 Oct 2010

Responding to the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review announced on Wednesday by Chancellor George Osborne, Derek Twigg is concerned about people across the constituency staying in their jobs, staying in their homes and staying safe.

Derek said:

"The Government's cuts are too deep and too fast, taking a dangerous gamble with Halton's economic future and peoples' jobs. Halton Council is expecting cuts of 7.1% to its budget over the next four years - part of the Government's decimation of the Communities & Local Government budget. It is pure fallacy to suggest that front line services will be unaffected by the Coalition cuts.

Independent analysts say the Government's measures will end up taking more money off children than the banks that caused the economic downturn.  That can't be right - it goes against the very fairness test the Coalition set for itself.

The Coalition is also breaking its promise to the NHS by granting a below inflation increase in funding.

And it can't be right for the Government to reduce the number of police officers on our streets - by a fifth across the country, as the Home Office budget is reduced by a quarter.

I will also be holding the Coalition to account on delivering the funding for the promised Mersey Gateway Project."

Labour Leader Ed Miliband said:

"The Government is taking an irresponsible gamble with the recovery.

I will stand up for people up and down the country who are worried about what going to happen and are fearful for their jobs and the services they rely on."

Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson said:

"Without growth it's impossible to get the deficit down.  If the Government throws people out of work its costs us all more.  So to get the deficit down our starting point must be jobs, jobs, jobs.

The Government's cuts are too deep and too fast, taking a dangerous gamble with our economic future and people's jobs. The cuts are unwise and unfair.

A million jobs gone across the public and private sectors - that's the price we now know the Coalition thinks its worth paying."

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